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A new interface to replace your old boring scrollbar

ScrollMenu Demos

Why Scroll Menu ?

  • ScrollMenu.js transforms your scroll bar to awesome scroll menu.
  • Single page navigation menu and scroll bar binds together.
  • It gives a user sense of where they are in a page and how long is that section.
  • With a high customizibility of plugin you can have a unique user experience.
  • Allow templating for menu content.
  • Styling is seperated out to css, so you can change look of scrollMenu to have uniqueness.
  • Support touch devices.
  • Uses native scroll and can be easily hooked with any custom scroll.
  • Its light weight (< 3kb gzipped and minified).

Custom Scroll Hooks

Scroll Menu can be easily hooked into any custom scroll plugin which have scrollto method, a way to get scroll position at any point and onscroll event listener.

As a start, there is hooks available for two popular custom scroll plugin.

You can create hooks for your custom scroll plugin with similiar approach as done on above plugins. Or in case required you can contact me.

Want to support and contribute to scrollMenu.js?

ScrollMenu.js needs your contribution to become best of its kind. There are lot of things you can do to contribute and support plugin.


This plugin is developed and maintained by me ( Sudhanshu Yadav ) . If you have any query you can contact me at

You can also follow me on twitter and github Follow @s-yadav .